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This curriculum is designed as a ready to use learning guide for daily Bible instruction.  This is not meant as a substitute for discipleship or relational growth in a local church body, but as a tool to assist students and parents with home-based education about the Bible.  Feel free to supplement or make substitutions as needed to meet the needs of your family.

The curriculum is laid out in 150 daily sessions.  That is 5 days a week over 30 weeks (or 15 weeks per semester).  Each daily lesson consists of:

  • Daily Reading from the New Testament,  Psalms and Proverbs

  • Journal Writing

  • Discussion Prompt

  • Insight Worksheet

  • Prayer Point

  • Weekly Memory Verse


This curriculum is available in PDF, so you can make as many copies as needed for: personal, in home or church use. You can take it to a local printer to have it printed and bound. 


YOU MAY NOT SALE ANY COPIES OF THIS MATERIAL WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE AUTHOR. Please share this (FREE OF CHARGE) with ANYONE who: is interested in learning more about God’s Word, wanting to establish a daily habit of learning about God and anyone willing to let God introduce Himself to them in a new way.  While this curriculum is designed for students, it is also appropriate to do as a small group, with adults or in a discipling relationship.

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